DAAM Center celebrated today’s issuing its first annual report on “the Development of Policies and Legislation on Human Rights and Democratic Transition in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya”, which falls within the framework of the “Legal, Constitutional, and Policies Observatory in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt” project that the Center has been working on for a year. This falls also within the framework of the approach of balancing between the theoretical and the practical, which DAAM Center is committed to, so that the outcomes of its work is of real value.

This report complements the study issued by the Center in October 2017 entitled  ” Constitution and Human Rights in the Countries of the Arab Revolutions: Tunisia, Egypt and Libya as a Model”, which was carried out by a number of experts and researchers from Egypt and Tunisia, namely Mr. Ahmed Fawzi, Mr. Mohamed Omran, Mr. Salem Ghalleb , Mr. Sameh Samir, Mr. Rajab Saad and the special participation of the distinguished researcher and jurist Mr. Sabri Hassan, whose contribution to the study was an important addition.

DAAM Center is happy to share this new publication and hopes that it will be a good start for a new tradition that the Center is keen to follow within the framework of its monitoring and documentation roles for all issues related to human rights in the region.