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مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)


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Introducing the Center:

An independant, sub-regional and non-governmental organization which was founded in 2015. It aims to create an adequate environment to achieve setting human rights in terms of integrity and inclusiveness . It seeks to support and strengthen participatory democratic institutions and paths on the basis of civility, equality and sustainable development. This is through developing capacities and supporting the efforts to reform policies and legislations in terms of the principles of democracy which are based on human rights and contributing to the production of knowledge concerning the reality and paths of the democratic transition in the concerned countries. The organization cooperates with stakeholders such as local, regional, and international civil society organizations and bodies, governmental bodies, political forces and civil society activists.

Reviews and Publications
"I am not truly free if I am taking away someone else’s freedom.The oppressed and the oppressor alike are robbed of their humanity."
Nilson Mandela
an african leader

The goals of the center:

The Democratic Transition and Human Rights Support Center (DAAM) aims to strengthen the paths of building democratic societies in terms of human rights, through the partnership and the cooperation with stakeholders especially civil society organizations. That is achieved through three basic goals:

The third goal

Contributing to Knowledge production and availability which are related to democratization

The second goal

Contributing to creating a political, cultural and legislative environment that supports democracy and is compatible with the standards of human rights

The first goal

Strengthening and building the capacities of actors in the paths of democratic transition


Capacity Development Program

This program aims at providing technical support to civil society organizations in order to help them to integrate the values of human rights and citizenship for the actors in the paths of democratic transformation, particularly NGOs, political parties, trade unions and youth initiatives.

Policy and Legislative Reform Program

This program aims at reforming the local legislative system in terms of the international human rights standards, as well as reviewing and proposing policies which are related to human rights, and working with partners to put them into practice.

The studies and research program

This program is concerned with conducting studies and researches on the reality and paths of the democratic transition in the relevant countries , as well as monitoring and documenting, and Providing knowledge material in a digital format.

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

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