On the incident of the break into cafes in the capital Tripoli

What happened in the capital Tripoli on Wednesday morning, October 9, 2019, when a  salafist security force break into some cafes in the west of the capital, intimidated and kidnapped some of its  attendees with the pretext of “mixing between males and females” as they described.

This behavior is contrary to the Libyan laws that protect citizens freedom of movement and enjoyment of private life in addition to being a flagrant violation of all international conventions and protocls that protect the private life and prevent violation of them under any pretext. 

The security chaos that the country is experiencing in general and the capital Tripoli in particular as a result of the war on the frontiers of the capital, has created a clear movement of armed groups of unknown dependency, which exploits the state of chaos to carry out some unlawful behaviors that aim to destabilize citizenz and pass its strange ideas on Libyan society.

Although the Ministry of Interior denies issuing any order to any side under its command to break into the mentioned cafes, this does not absolve it of its responsibility to protect citizens, preserve their dignity and preserve their lives and to stop all these absurd behaviors that undermine the rule of law and promote the continued chaos in the capital.

Cafe at home – at home who was the scene of such incident, was posted on his official Facebook account a reminder of his policy that “forbid any unmarried people from meeting in the cafe” , before deleting the post hours later.


In this context, DAAM center condemns this irresponsible conduct and holds the security authorities in Tripoli to protect the private life of citizens and ensure their right in this context and respect the international treaties and conventions that protect the human right to enjoy a private life in a framework that does not contravene the law and take precautionary measures that prevent repeat such acts.

“We would like to remind our policies that prevent any unmarried people from meeting in the coffee shop”At Home” and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by anyone in this regard.

As some parties began to request a “marriage contract” from our guests, which confused our operation this morning to receive our guests and take care of our guests.

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