Board Members

Mr. Mokhtar Trifi


Mr. Mokhtar Trifi started his career in journalism as he used to write in several newspapers like the daily “Essabah” and “almawkif” weekly journal. He got his lawyer degree and became a lawyer for the appeal court. Mr. Mokhtar was well known for his civil society activism as a bold defender for human rights and democracy.

In the fifth congress for the Tunisian league for human rights and after 20 years of activism inside it Mr. Mokhtar was elected president in October 2000.

In the sixth congress he did not ran for another term and Dean Abdessatar Ben Mussa became the new president and by unanimous decision Mr. Mukhtar Trifi became an honorary president of the Tunisian League for Human Rights.

In January 2014, he became the president of the International Federation for Human Rights Tunisia-office, and then he became the president for Democratic Transition and Human Rights Support Center in 2016. And in November 26th, 2016 Mr. Mokhtar Trifi was elected as vice president of the World Organization Against Torture.

Mr. Kouthier Bou Allegue

General Secretary

Lawyer and civil society activist.

Mr. Nadhir Ben Yedder


Mr. Nadhir Ben Yedder lawyer and civil Society activist, the treasurer of the Tunisian League.for Citizenship and the Vice President in the national network of anti-corruption civil society.

Mr. Abdeljaoued Elharrazi

Vice president

Mr. Abdeljaoued Elharrazi  lawyer and former member of the Independent High Authority for the Elections and legal adviser of the Tunisian Association for Integrity and Democracy of Elections, “ATIDE“.


Mr. Chawki El Tabib

Mr. Chawki Tabib became a lawyer in 1991 and he also has a master degree in political science in 2006. He was the Dean of the Tunisian Bar Association between January 2012 and June 2013. Before he became a lawyer Mr. Chawki Tabib worked in journalism between 1988 and 1992.

Dean Chawki Tabib chaired the Tunisian Association for young attorneys between 1997 and 2001 and he is also the founder president of for the Arab Organization for Young Attorneys in 2000 and its honorary president since 2004.

In the field of civil society, Dean Chawki Tabib is currently a member of the scientific board of the Arab Institute for Human Rights, he is also the president of the Tunisian League for Citizenship, the president of the Tunisia Center for Reconciliation and Arbitration, and he is a board member of Democratic Transition and Human Rights Support Center.

Mrs. Dorra fazaa

Writer and civil society activist 

 Mrs. Ameni Yahyaoui

Lawyer and civil society activist