Press Release: Civil society organizations are calling for the publication of the report of the Truth and Dignity Commission in the official gazette of the Republic of Tunisia

The undersigning Civil society organizations state that, in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 67 of the Basic Law No. 53 related to the establishment and organization of transitional justice, and of Chapter 148 of the Constitution of the Republic of Tunisia, the Truth and Dignity Commission published on March 27, 2019 its final report to the public and on its website, as it had previously delivered the report to the late President Beji Caid Essebsi, to the former Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. MOhamed Al-Nasser, to the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Mr. Youssef Bouzakhir, and to the former Prime Minister, Youssef Chahed.

This statement comes to denounce desperate attempts by some parties that exert pressure on the Tunisian government presidency and push with full force towards disrupting the path of transitional justice, the participatory and constitutional and legal merits, and not to publish the final report of the Truth and Dignity Commission, nullifying all transitional justice outcomes and aborting the remainder of the path once and for all, which is all against the law.

Moreover, the associations that believe that implementing the recommendations of the final report of the Truth and Dignity Commission will achieve reforms to avoid the return of tyranny and corruption, guarantee the rights of victims to dignity and rehabilitation, put an end to impunity and the continuation of serious violations of human rights, and will reveal the facts and preserve the national memory and enhance the dedication of civil rights and public freedoms.

All of these benefits remain pertinent and need more attention and support, all of which are included in the Final Report of the Truth and Dignity Commission.

On this basis, and pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Basic Law No. 53 regarding the establishment of transitional justice, the following civil society organizations firmly insist:

The necessity of publishing the final report of the Truth and Dignity Commission in the official gazette of the Tunisian Republic as soon as possible as an essential step to continue completing the path of transitional justice.

The Civil Society organisations also confirms their intention to continue to work to complete the course in accordance with the provisions of the Tunisian Constitution in Chapter 148 Article 9 and the Basic Law No. 53-2013, including support for the work of specialized criminal services that will cut with the culture of impunity. They call in this regard to sign the petition of civil society to support these circles also stress their rejection of any initiative that would circumvent the path of transitional justice and threaten its existing mechanisms and affect them according to the applicable texts.

The media calls for a balance when the transitional justice file is presented and the summoning of people regardless of their opinions.

On behalf of the Civil Coalition for the Defense of Transitional Justice and the Civil Coalition for the Defense of Individual Freedoms:

1-Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LTDH)

2-The Tunisian Judges Association 

3-Tunisian Association for Democratic Women

4-National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists

5-Lawyers without Borders

6-Karama Association

7-The Tunisian Alliance for Dignity and Rehabilitation

8-Insaf Military Association

8-The International Association to Support Political Prisoners

9-Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights

10-Tunisian Association for Defending Individual Liberties


13-Tunisian Female Association for Research on Development (AFTURD)

14-International Organisation Against Torture

15-Liberty Martyr Nebil Barakati Organisation

16-International Center for Transitional Justice

17-No Peace, No Justice

18-International Art

19-The Association of Citizenship, development, cultures, and immigration on both sides (CDCMIR)

20-The Association of Arts and Cultures in both sides

21-Creation and Creativity Association for Development and Employment

22-The Committee for Respecting Freedoms and Human Rights in Tunisia

23-Observatory for the Defense of the Right to Difference

24-The Tunisian Association of Cultural Mobility

25-The Tunisian Association for Positive Prevention

26-Solidarity Tunisia

27-Tawhida ben Cheikh Group for Research and Action for Women Health

28-Meeting Association

29-Association My Arts Against Me

30-Mawjoudin Association

31-The second door Association

32-League of Female Voters (LET)

33-Women’s Voices

34-Tahadi Association

35-Tunisian Coalition to abolish death penalty

36The Tunisian Association for Resisting Risky Behavior 

37-History and Memory

38-The Society of Rural Women, Jendouba

39-Venus Society for Human Rights through Culture

40-Anchor Association

41-Citizenship Bridges Association

42-Tunisian Association DEMJ for justice and equality

43-​​Shams Association

44-The Tunisian Association for the Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS

45- The Tunisian Association for Studies on Gender

46- Tunisian Association for Reproductive Health

47-Together Association

48-Article 19

49-The Tunisian Association Ibsar for Culture and Entertainment of People with Visual Disabilities

50-Democratic Transition and Human Rights Support Center (DAAM)

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