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Statement of Support for Lina ben Mhenni

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

Democratic_Transition and Human_Rights Support Center (DAAM) is following, with utmost concern, the case of the Tunisian blogger and human rights activist Lina Ben Mhenni who was subject to physical and verbal violence along with her family in 2014 in Djerba by the police.
While we were waiting for the administrative and judicial authorities to take actions against police officers implicated in the assault, Lina Ben Mhenni has been called to the Court of First Instance of Mednine as a suspect accused of assaulting public employee related to the same case.
Accordingly, and due to the seriousness of dealing with cases of police use of excessive force that often reach the level of crimes, DAAM center:
• Condemns the use of unnecessary violence against the human rights activist Lina Ben Mhenni along with her family especially that it was carried out by security officers who are in charge with protecting citizens.
• Urge administrative authorities to exercise its disciplinary powers on aggressors.
•Calls for ending all forms of harassment against human rights defenders in Tunisia and all practices that undermine confidence in the security institution.
•Calls on the judicial authorities to drop all charges against human rights activist Lina Ben Mhenni and to hold the aggressors accountable, as required by law, disregarding the status of any party.

For Arabic version click here: http://daamdth.org/archives/542

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

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