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Libyan activists and civilians are under aerial bombardment

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

Since the beginning of the attack on Tripoli last April, Libya has witnessed serious human rights violations. Civilians were targeted by air strikes and shelling of residential neighborhoods, schools and airports. Activists have also been kidnapped and forcibly disappeared on several occasions.

Perhaps one of the most important events during the recent period was the kidnapping of MP Siham Sirgiwa, a member of the House of Representatives.

The deputy Siham Sirgiwa was abducted after the assault on her and her husband inside her house by unknown gunmen. The security services in Benghazi did not provide any information about the fate of Sirgiwa, who was kidnapped the day after her demand through the channel “Libya event” pro-Haftar commander-in-chief of the armed forces appointed by the House of Representatives in eastern Libya, to stop the fighting between the latter’s forces and the government of reconciliation in the south of the capital. But the Interior Ministry said it may have been kidnapped by terrorists who infiltrated Benghazi.

In addition, civilian activist Ahmed Al-Kawafi was killed and his body was hidden in the sea.

The National Human Rights Committee in Libya expressed its strong condemnation of the killing of the civil activist Ahmed Omar Al-Kawafi. The body was bound by a metal chain with gunshot wounds in the head after it was thrown by sea waves at Barani Beach.

Several human rights organizations also expressed their condemnation of this awful crime, and reminded the concerned authorities to assume their responsibilities in protecting activists and civilians during the current conflict.

Unarmed civilians were also targeted after air strikes. The city of Murzuq witnessed on Sunday evening, 04 August, bloody incidents following air strikes on a residential neighborhood that led to the killing and wounding of many innocent civilians.

A local source said that the plane bombed civilians during a wedding, while a member of the House of Representatives in Tripoli Rahma Abu Bakr that a plane of the General Command launched four consecutive airstrikes on a gathering of the people of the city during a wedding.

The Libyan MP blamed the UN mission for the shelling, saying that Hafter targeted the city of Murzuq for its steadfastness in front of his forces and the rejection of the military regime.

It is noteworthy that this raid on the city is not the first as proceeded by other raids, and targeted public facilities in the city.

For his part, said member of the city council Mohammed Omar that a military plane of the General Command targeted the residential neighborhood of the fortress inhabited by citizens of the Tabou component, causing heavy material and human losses.

It is noteworthy that the forces of Hafter commander-in-chief of the armed forces appointed by the House of Representatives in eastern Libya announced in mid-February last control of the city, “Murzuq”, but a large section of the population, especially from the “Tabou”, announced their rejection of the presence of his forces inside the city, to break out Since then, clashes between supporters and opponents of the city have been intermittent.

Tabou residents accuse Hafter of arming some of his loyalists and instructing them to work to destabilize Murzuq.

In this regard, DAAM Center for Democratic Transition and Human Rights emphasizes the need for all concerned to take full responsibility for the seriousness of the crime of targeting civilians. DAAM also reiterates its call for all precautions to be taken to ensure the protection of the civilian population.

The targeting of civilian facilities and neighborhoods has also been repeated frequently in Tripoli, where the General Command’s warplanes carried out an air strike targeting the field hospital on the airport road. The raid killed four doctors and wounded others.

The air strikes of the General Command did not stop after the incident of the field hospital, but targeted an ambulance in the Wadi Rabie area, which resulted in the death of a paramedic of the Ambulance and Emergency Service in Tripoli.

Despite the widespread responses that accompanied the shelling of the field hospital, a spokesman for the General Command Ahmed al-Mesmari appeared in a direct press conference, in which they announced their adoption of the bombing of the hospital. Al-Mesmari said the hospital was a terrorist center where terrorists operate, not doctors, he claimed.

Attacks on civilian neighborhoods and facilities in the capital also affected El Alamein School in Al-Hani area, in addition to the bombing of Maitiga International Airport by several times by the General Command, which led to the suspension of air traffic and canceled a number of flights to and from the airport.

Ghassan Salameh said in a recent briefing to the Security Council that the national accord government forces are using the airport for military purposes, and that the attacking forces should stop shelling it, without naming the attacking forces or explaining the places they are using. The national accord government forces for military purposes, at one of the largest military bases in Libya, and its civilian airport is far from military places, had to clarify more to determine the responsibilities of both parties.

The Ministry of Communications announced that the targeting of Maitiga airport affected facilities and civilian aircraft and endangered the safety of workers and passengers, in addition to obstructing the movement of traffic and inflicting heavy losses on the civil aviation sector, according to the text of the statement.

On the other hand, Maria Ribeiro the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Libya said that about 120 thousand students have been affected since the beginning of the aggression on Tripoli, as a result of the use of 27 schools as shelters for the more than 100,000 displaced people, while the World Health Organization announced in its latest statistics More than 1,000 people have been killed since the start of the war on Tripoli, including 106 civilians.

In addition to all these abuses, the Libyan capital has witnessed during the past two months a clear security breakdown as a result of the preoccupation of most security forces in the war on the outskirts of the city, where the situation of armed robbery and kidnappings for money in the past period was clearly observed.

This is in addition to the kidnapping and physical liquidation that happened to Walid Tarhouni two days after his kidnapping, whose body was dumped in front of the Ministry of Justice and who is the director of the follow-up office in the ministry gives a great indication of the size of the security chaos in the Libyan capital, especially that there are statements suggesting that the assassinated was liquidated On a regional basis and whoever has done so is an entity affiliated with the Government of national accord.

It was noted that the number of shells falling and the number of their shells increased, most recently on 24 August 2019

A large number of shells landed in Ghararat, Znata and Arada in the Friday Market area.

These conditions put the government of National accord in front of its security responsibilities inside the city of Tripoli, which suffers from a security chaos that threatens the lives of citizens daily and holds responsibility for the indiscriminate shells that regularly fall on the capital.

These behaviors are war crimes that are not statute of limitations and the perpetrators remain under the penalty of the law, no matter how long.

DAAM reiterates its call for the importance of ending impunity for crimes and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law that have been and continue to be committed against innocent and civilians throughout the country, and to ensure that those implicated in these crimes and inhuman violations and practices are prosecuted and held accountable.

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

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