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Concerning the press statements about Tripoli ministry of foreign terror ‎attack.‎

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

‎ We express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims who died in ‎the appalling terror attack on the ministry of foreign affairs HQ in Tripoli on ‎‎25/12/2018, even we’ve been accustomed to tragic events, this latest attack has shocked ‎the country, we stand in solidarity with the grieving families and in the fight against ‎terrorism.

We express our profound concerns and resentment about some official press statements ‎and the contexts which the news was aired to the public opinion and media in the ‎country. Particularly, the statements released by the minister of interior, Fathi Bashaagha ‎in the government of national accord GNA where he stated, ”The attackers were Three… ‎and of African complexion…”!

We consider such official statements where a criminal act is being annexed to the ‎perpetrators’ complexions is discriminatory and unnecessary extrapolation, such ‎statements is also exemplify a violation to the Universal Declaration of the Human ‎Rights UDHR of the 1948 and its abiding intentional laws and conventions, including ‎the convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination OHCHR ‎endorsed by the Libyan state, that forbid collective punishment and remarks of ‎discriminatory instigation that could translate in hate-speech, and ensure all human ‎nationals or of foreign nationals in receiving a fair and equal treatment under the ‎international law.

The discriminatory and irresponsible remarks made by the minister of interior against ‎those who he described as of ”African complexion” could well result in collective ‎extrajudicial punishment and arbitrary arrests against the African-descendant Libyan ‎nationals and foreign African migrants and workers – these racialist remarks also could ‎further widen the gap between Libya’s diverse ethnic and communal building-block, and ‎unleash an atmosphere of intimidation and suspicion.

As we strongly depreciate the criminal terror act, we also demand the Libyan authorities ‎and the people to unite against terrorism and stand up tall against all forms of ‎discrimination and subsequent draconian measures that could curtail the freedoms of ‎specific groups or individuals on the base of colour, religion, race, and political ‎affiliation(s).

We further demand the minister of interior to extricate the implications of his statements ‎and apologize about his irresponsible and discriminatory remarks, and as we urge the ‎official and independent media outlets to exercise prudence and refrain from ‎propagandist scoping and abide to a professional reporting ethics.

Tripoli – Libya.
‎17 December 2018.‎‏

Endorsed by;-‎‏

‎1 – Aman Organization against discrimination – Murzuq.
‎2 – BELAADY Organization for Human Rights.
‎3 – Feker Nair Organization – Tripoli.
‎4 – Advisory Centre for Human Rights – Tripoli.
‎5 – Libyan Centre for the Freedom of Press – Tripoli.
‎6 – Sout Al-Muhajir Organization for Human Rights.
‎7 – Defenders for Woman Rights Network – Benghazi.
‎8 – Defenders without chains – Benghazi.
‎9 – Tabayano Organization for Human Rights – Nalut.
‎10 – Libyan Centre for Human Rights and Freedoms – Zawia.
‎11 – Free Youth Association for Development.
‎12 – Al Twasol Organization – Obari.
‎13 – Hope of South Organization for Peace and Sustainable Development – Murzuq.
‎14 – Youth Gathering for Tawergha Organization – Tawergha.
‎15 – Defender Centre for Human Rights.
‎16 – Erban Organization for Civil Orientation – Kufra.
‎17 – Bedaya Organization for Advocacy and Human Rights – Tripoli.
‎18 – Rights first Organization for Human Rights – Kufra.
‎19 – Women Wisdom Association for Woman and Culture – Kufra.
‎20 – Rebyana Cultural Club – Rebyana.
‎21 – Al Nassir Organization for Human Rights – Tripoli.
‎22 – Human Rights Solidarity Organization – Tripoli.
‎23 – Muhajir Organization for Illegal Migration and Displaced Affairs – Kufra.
‎24 – Amal Al Ghad Association – Kufra.
‎25 – Sons of Desert Association for Culture – Murzuq.
‎26 – Bariqu Association for Children Rights – Tripoli.
‎27 – Bader Organization for Charity and Development – Tobruk.
‎28 – Israr Organization for Development – Tripoli.
‎29 – Nour El Alam Centre – Obari.
‎30 – Arabian International Organization for Women Rights – Tripoli.
‎31 – Nessma Alela Centre for societal studies and family – Tripoli.
‎32 – Lend-hand Association for Charity – Kufra.
‎33 – Libyan Group to Monitor Human Rights Violations – Tripoli.
‎34 – Democratic Transition and Human Rights Support Centre ‘DAAM’ – Tunisia.
‎35 – Mercy Association for Charitable and Humanitarian – Tawergha.
‎36 – Tibyan Association for Human Rights – Derj.
‎37 – Independent Organization for Human Rights – Misrata.
‎38 – Jurists Groups for Migration – Tripoli.
‎39 – Libyan Association for Democracy and Human Rights – Benghazi.
‎40 – Takta Youth Organization for voluntary work and humanitarian – Jebel Nafousa.
‎41 – Matress Youth Organization – Jebel Nafousa.
‎42 – Amal Women Organization for Rural Development – Derj.
‎43 – Why Me Association for Women Rights – Benghazi.‎

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

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