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A bombing of the Electoral Commission or an attempt to block the democratic transition in Libya?

Democratic Transition and Human Rights Support Center “DAAM” condemns the bombing of the election commission in Tripoli- Libya

Democratic Transition and Human Rights Support Center “DAAM” expresses its strong condemnation of the bombing which took place at the headquarters of the Higher National Election Commission in Tripoli which killed 14 people and injured 20 according to the latest statistics issued by the emergency services in Tripoli and the Ministry of Health of the Government of National Accord.

DAAM center expresses its shock at this hideous crime and emphasizes its full solidarity with the Libyan Government and its full support for all measures taken to maintain security and stability.

In addition to its rejection of all forms of violence and terrorism, DAAM Center considers that such an incident constitutes a real obstacle to the democratic transition process in Libya and promotes a negative image of Libya in the international community.

DAAM also considers that targeting the Higher National Election Commission is a clear indication of targeting one of the most important mechanisms of democracy, which is the election that is supervised by the Commission, which is working, ever since its creation, to create an adequate environment to hold free, fair and transparent elections characterized by high levels of participation in addition to supporting the drafting of electoral laws.

It should be noted that the that the upcoming elections in Libya is a necessary solution in light of fears of the continuation of the political vacuum in the country and its serious effects that goes beyond Libya to include the region and the world. The commission plays a crucial role to get out of the political crisis, achieve stability, and promotes the political rights of Libyans; right to vote and election as well as to stand in the way of whoever tries to confiscate these rights.

The approach adopted by the Commission in its work reflects the compatibility in the form and content between them and the UN mission in Libya, which granted the Commission a large international support, as its President Ghassan Salama assured, in previous press statements, that the mission is seeking with the Libyan partners to hold elections before the end of 2018, in line with the desire of Libyans who registered in the lists of voters the moment the registration was opened.

The turnout for the elections registration was high as the number of registered at the moment of closure of the record reached two million and 432 thousand and 502 voters.

This criminal incident that represents a clear threat to the democratic process in Libya and a blow to all the gains that have been mobilized by the Commission since its creation to push forward the electoral process.  DAAM Center expresses its full support for the democratic transition process and the upcoming elections and calls upon the Libyan people not to be affected by such practices that aim to block them from moving forward towards a better future for Libya.

DAAM   Center appreciate the resistance of the Commission in the face of this painful incident, which has not deterred it from continuing its duty towards Libya, as evidenced by the presence of a special delegation from the commission staff to monitor the municipal elections in Tunisia on May 6, 2018 during which Tunisians elected municipal councils in 350 municipal departments throughout the country.

In conclusion, the Center expresses its sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the bombing and wishes the wounded a quick recovery.


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