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Nazra.. The slow killing of civil society continues

“Nazra for feminist studies” institute announced today in a statement [1] that it has closed its headquarters for its inability to continue in light of the Criminal Court’s decision to freeze its assets the case N.173 of 2011, known as the case  of “foreign funding for organizations”. The decision was made fourteen months ago and since then NAZRA has tried to maintain its work just like the rest of the human rights organizations whose assets were freezed in the same case. However, in light of the ongoing restrictions on the organizations and the continuation of dealing with them as outlaws, they are constantly threatened with criminal trials and imprisonment. There has been no development in the investigations of the case number 173 yet it is still open and waiting to be transferred to the criminal court at any time.

In light of all this financial, legal and moral restrictions, Nazra institute was unable to maintain its headquarters and was forced to leave it, yet it will continue to fulfill its public duty in supporting women’s rights.

DAAM Center expresses its full support and solidarity with Nazra and all the human rights institutions, centers and activists in Egypt who are going through hard times in light of the continuing security attacks on them, which aim to further restrict the Egyptian public field.

DAAM center indicates that the Hisham Mubarak Law Center was forced last year to leave its offices in Cairo and Aswan for not being able to pay the rent, Nadim Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture was also closed. Most human rights organizations were also forced to reduce the number of workers and work fields and to limit the geographical scope of their work.

DAAM Center emphasizes that the continuation of this course of action taken by the state authorities that violates human rights will only damage the rights of citizens protected by human rights organizations, and that there is no way to achieve the democratic transition desired by the Egyptian citizens, without a free civil society defending their rights.

DAAM Center also calls on the judicial authority in Egypt to reconsider the cases against civil society employees since the public work is not a crime as portrayed by the political system. The continuation of pending the charges without any decisions, in the current form represents a slow killing of Egyptian civil society.



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