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Tawergha, a city seeking its inhabitants

Thousands of IDPs and an agreement waiting to be implemented

The agreement, signed between leaders from Tawergha and Misrata and between the two municipal councils of both regions under the supervision of the presidential council, renewed the hope for the return of the emigrants of Tawergha, displaced in different regions in Libya, to their home. After the agreement on activating this agreement in late December 2017, the crisis of the city that misses its people continues indefinitely.

Although the agreement was signed more than 8 months ago, the come-back path is still blocked for the Tawergha IDPs, and those who attempted to come back were threatened and intimidated.

In 2011, armed people from Misrata attacked the town of Tawargha, which Muammar Gaddafi’s forces had used as a base for attacks. The militants evicted all the residents of Tawergha, looted their homes and turned the city into total destruction. Since then, the residents of Tawargha have also been subjected to reprisals by the Misurata forces, including acts of torture, detention and extrajudicial execution.

Military and political officials from Misrata also reported that they would not allow Tawargha IDPs to return to their hometown.

Tawergha IDPs live in difficult conditions, they are scattered in temporary shelters often in degraded conditions.

This photo taken from: https://www.facebook.com/emadargiha

Yesterday, Mr. Ghassan Salama, the special envoy for the UNSMIL, met the chairman of Tawergha local council Mr. Abderrahman Al-Chakchak at the mission’s headquarter in Tripolis and discussed together the latest developments of the situation of the emigrants return and their right for a safe return with dignity to their homes as it is a humanitarian issue in the first place.

DAAM center expresses its concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation of Tawergha’s IDPs and considers that it is necessary to find an urgent and effective solution to end this humanitarian disaster and to start providing emergency needs for the displaced.

DAAM also considers that the Presidential Council and the actors in Libya have a duty to shoulder their responsibilities to Tawergha crisis and to take the necessary measures to urgently activate the agreement.

DAAM center also affirms that; for the accord to be real and fruitful,  It must be carried out within the framework of an orderly and structured path of transitional justice. It is impossible to talk about a genuine and comprehensive national reconciliation that ensures that violations will not be repeated if this reconciliation is not carried out according to the accepted standards of various international experiences of democratic transition.

DAAM considers that activating the agreement may represent a real step in the direction of achieving social peace in Libya and the beginning of rebuilding the state and the establishment of a national consensus as well as restoring peace and security.

DAAM center denounces the inhuman practices and the severe human rights violations committed by Misrata militants against Tawergha IDPs. DAAM also considers that impunity for violators that has been granted for years would establish a culture of impunity and would deepen the crisis of the absence of law in Libya that has been going for years

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