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The Impact of the Political Process on Democratic Transition and the Human Rights Situation in Tunisia and Libya

Within the framework of Democratic Transition Forum, with the cooperation of Defenders Network for Human Rights, and Fondation Friedrich Naumann for freedom, Democratic Transition & Human Rights Support center organized on Monday July 17th, 2017 at Majestic Hotel Tunis a seminar on “The Impact of the Political Process on Democratic Transition and the Human Rights Situation in Tunisia and Libya”.The session dealt with the impact of the political conflict on the legal and legislative framework of institutions and bodies related to the protection of human rights. In this panel, Mr. Abdeljaoued Elharrazi Tunisia and Mr. Esam Al Mawi from Libya gave their opinion on the matter and interacted with the audience.

The second panel focused on the impact of the political conflict on civil society organization as well social and youth_movements. Mr. Bassem Trifi discussed the Tunisian case and Mr. Hisham Alwindi discussed the Libyan one.

The session was moderated by Mr. Khaled Ziou, the attourney from Libya. The meeting was attended by a group of activists from Tunisia and Libya. The audience interacted with the speakers on several points regarding rights and legislations related to #minorities, as well as legislations related to the human rights situation and the constitutional institutions that guarantee them. The interventions linked between The political situation and the impact of political consensus on the legislation guaranteeing these principles and rights.


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