No compromising the gains of the 2014 constitution

The signatory associations, organizations and coalitions, and after examining the status of rights and freedoms following the declaration of exceptional measures and the absence of any clear vision regarding the human rights system consecrated within the 2014 constitution and the institutions and bodies guaranteeing their protection

Expresses its fear of the continued violation of collective and individual rights and freedoms and the exacerbation of hate speech, violence and discrimination.

The associations, organizations and coalitions urge:

The signatory associations, organizations and coalitions hold the official authorities accountable for the consequences of incitement speeches, hatred and violence that are being spread, without regard to freedom of opinion and expression.

It also affirms its continued involvement in defending the acquired rights and freedoms enshrined in the 2014 constitution and working to support and enhance them.

The signatory associations are:

  1. the Association for promotion of  the Right to Difference (ADD)
  2. Tunisian Association for the Defence of Individual Liberties
  3. DAMJ for Justice and Equality Association
  4. Attalaki association
  5.  Volunteers for bouaarada association
  6. Crossroads of Wisdom Association
  7. The Tunisia We Want Tunisian Association
  8. Tunisian league for women’s political rights Jendouba Branch
  9. Tunisian association for rural women’s rights
  10. Association for Renewal and belonging (Association Renouvellement et appurtenance)
  11. Fnara association
  12. Young voice association
  13. Democratic transition and human rights support centre(DAAM)

Tunis on September 21, 2021

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