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Libya: DAAM center statement Regarding the military ruler to ban women under sixty years old from travelling without a guardian “Mahram” Precaution or Oppression!?

Monday 20th February, 2017

In a strange development, the military forces chief of staff and the military ruler (Darna -Ben Jawad) Colonel Abdulrazaq al‑Naduri issued an order to ban women under sixty years old from traveling without guardian  ”Mahram”.

which led to a turmoil in the absence of any official reaction until yesterday and after confirming the decision and publishing it on the official facebook page of the military ruler’s media office under the title “Colonel Abdulrazaq al‑Naduri Darna – Ben Jawed military ruler’s decision No 6 for 2017 regarding banning Libyan women under sixty years old from traveling abroad without a guardian “Mahram”, this decision is effective starting from the date of issuance and eliminates all opposing decrees.

In the mid of numerous activists and feminists’ comments on social media, Zahra Langhi, an activist and a cofounder of Libyan Women Platform for Peace, tweeted on February 19th, 2017 that Al Abraq airport’s employees declared that women without guardian “Mahram” must go home without embarrassment and there is no travelling for them.


DAAM center strongly condemns DARNA – Ben Jawad military ruler’s decision No 6 for 2017 and believes that the order flouted all international, regional, and local charters committed by all parties in Libya. The order violates articles 3 and 12 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, article 12 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, articles 6 and 14 of the temporary constitutional declaration, and article No 31 of the Libyan political agreement.

(DAAM) also expresses its deep concern about the justifications were mentioned by Colonel Abdulrazaq al‑Naduri through a phone call intervention on Libya Alhadath channel last night February 19th 2017, saying they discovered that unaware of national security young Libyan women have been subjected to breakthroughs by several foreign intelligence agencies under the pretext of engaging in civil society institutions and traveling to several countries, He also announced existence of security reports indicate that the women’s movement has increased considerably under the pretext of meetings whereas they are passing on false reports about the army forces and which are being used against Libya.

And hoping it is not an introduction to hit the freedom of civil society in Libya and restrictions on freedom of movement for citizens and Libyan activists, or that it is an attempt to involve Libyan women in political retaliation and revenge without respect for their basic rights under the cloak of national security and religion.

Adding to that, (DAAM) concerns on the feminist movement in Libya is

What  (Ms. Entisar Shinneb) – member of the House of Representatives for the city of Derna- on her personal account on (Facebook) saying that the resolution has been made based on the directives of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Parliament after briefing the committee on intelligence reports that some  civil society activists provide foreign intelligence with reports on the parliament, the government and the Libyan army, and In the coming days some activists  will be investigated about espionage cases in favour of foreign countries.



Democratic Transition and Human Rights Support Center urges all Libyan, regional and international civil society and human rights organizations, to support Libyan women by working altogether in order to withdraw this resolution, Which is not only incompatible with international and regional conventions and treaties signed and ratified by Libya, nor with the interim constitutional declaration or political agreement, but it  also violates the civilian state as it’s being imposed by a military ruler.

For Arabic version click here: http://daamdth.org/archives/1430

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