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Mass trials and specific targets No to criminalize youth movements

Tunis,  February 13th, 2017

Mass trials and specific targets

No to criminalize youth movements

On Wednesday February 15th, 2017 the Criminal Chamber of the First Instance Court of Elkef is considering the case of Tajeruine youth (more than 50 young men including two minors) that have been under arrest for more than a year. At the same date the Criminal Chamber of the First Instance Court of Nabeul is considering the case of Kelibia youth (including the young activist Mariem Jerbi) regarding the  popular movements condemning the assassination of the martyr “Chokri Belaid”. On Friday February 17th,2017 the Criminal Chamber of the First Instance Court of Sidi Bouzid is considering the case of Regeub youth (three of them  are under arrest including the revolution wounded Borhen Abidi) regarding the protest of January 20th, 2016 in Regueb city to ask for development for the region and employment for its youth.

The organizations and the youth associations signed below, which observed the different phases of those trials to stand with  the under arrest youth’s family, to support them, and to witness the injustice they are facing,  refuse the attempt of infiltrate peaceful youth movements protests and to shift its direction towards violence and sabotage, reiterate their rejection to the impotent policy the authorities use to face those legitimate movements and that is by using the security and judicial institutions, and they express their primarily willingness to face that methodology that primarily targets youth and aims to more isolate their region, to marginalize their legitimate and well deserved demands, and to further distort their movements and their initiativ, and consider that the unfair security and judicial prosecutions against the youth of Regueb, Kelibia, Tajeruine, Jarisa, Moknesi, Snad, and Um-Arayes are just a part of the inefficient official treatment of youth’s problems and expectations.

The organizations and youth associations signed below:

  • Call on the authorities to accelerate to review the method used to deal the youth of the marginalized and deprived regions and with their peaceful movements.
  • Call on judicial committees in charge with youth social movements cases to really devote the presumption of innocence and the principles of freedom, justice and fairness, and to pay attention to the numerous formal violations and procedural breaches that accompanied the prosecutions in those cases and directly contributed in the arrest of many young men and put them behind bars.
  • Stand with the youth that organize and participate in different social movements in different regions of the country, in order to uphold their legitimate rights and ask them not to pay attention to distortion campaigns that target them and their struggles in addition to pay attention to the various attempts to infiltrate their movements and shift them towards violence and sabotage.
  • Renews its call to the various civil and political forces in the country, especially the youth forces to further coordinate initiatives and actions in order to lift the grievances of the youth social movements’ youth that are judicially prosecuted, in order to achieve their demands and legitimate demands of their regions.

Long live the struggles of youth
Eternal glory to the martyrs of the youth revolution, a revolution of freedom, dignity, and social justice


  1. Tunisian League for Human Right – Tunis Beb Bhar Branch
  2. Youth CAN
  3. Democratic Transition & Human Rights Support (DAAM)
  4. Tunisian Orgnization for Peace
  5. RAJ Tunisia
  6. Youth Artists Associations
  7. Lamma Slam
  8. Calam movement
  9. Cultural association for creativity and positive thinking
  10. bladena lkol- El KEF
  11. youth against terrorism

For Arabic version click here: http://daamdth.org/archives/1335

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