Report on the incidents of arrest on a political background in Egypt

This report covers a period of six months from January to June 2020. The monitoring methodology is based on counting the arrests on political grounds in Egypt, which are multiple and frequent cases under the current repressive political regime. The regime tends to obscure information concerning the incidents of arrest, but the activists of the Egyptian civil dedicate their work to ensure the right of the Egyptian citizen and the international community to access such information due to its sensitivity and importance in ensuring the rights of detainees and preventing violations as much as possible. It can be said that the violations of human rights in Egypt are systematic as a policy of the security and judicial institutions. The regime’s media also supports that policy with fallacies and rumors that try to cover up the violations and deny their existence.

The stop is defined in the Egyptian law as a procedure whereby a representative of a public authority has the right to arrest a person based on suspicion or specific legal cases. In this procedure, it is required that the person puts himself in suspicion. And in order to discover the legal situation of the stopped person, the security person has the right to investigate him.

And if  there are no longer grounds for the Stop, thus it would be unjustified. It is considered the arrest which has no basis in the law, so it becomes null. The judiciary plays a pivotal role at this stage, as the judge shall ensure that the Stop is legal. Based on the foregoing, the violations which are mentioned in the report confirm the existence of a set of breaches, the first is the Stop of citizens due to political activity that falls within the right of citizens to express and participate in the public affairs.  Moreover, the judiciary in its  various levels of litigation hasn’t become a guarantee of the transparency of procedures, as it has become a security office to confirm the security policy that jails activists.

Based on the following detailed information, we could review the following telegraphic notes:

During the first half of 2020, 3,400 incidents of security or judicial action were documented against persons on a political background in all governorates of the Republic, except for the North Sinai governorate in 115 police stations, cities and subdivisions. The number is divided into 3306 cases of “arrest” and referral to the prosecution, 21 cases of “stop and then exclusion from the investigation report”, and 70 unknown cases. It should be noted that the numbers in the report don’t represent the total number of the arrested persons during a certain period in the same incidents. However, it is considered as a temporary incident that wouldn’t last. It is also noted that the incidents of arrest against persons who had default judgements, weren’t counted because it is a large file that lacks enough data. The report also didn’t include any cases in North Sinai Governorate, except those who were brought before the Supreme State Security Prosecution. Taking into consideration the repeated names of the arrested person who were accused and arrested several times, and they represent less than 5% of the total number. It should be noted that the numbers in the counting are based on the copied facts from certain sources in the following priority order: (official, human rights, media and family sources).

This counting consists of two main parts:

A specific display :

And it should be noted that this does not mean the total number of detainees pending investigations in any of these cases, but rather what could be reached only.

Regarding age groups:

Regarding students, the arrest of 83 students were monitored, including:

Preparatory students
students in the Secondary school
university students (undergraduates)

Regarding jobs:  Teachers are the most prominent and monitored group with 64 arrested teachers, then it is followed by: 38 engineers, 29 civil servants, 26 lawyers, 26 doctors and 20 journalists.

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