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Egypt: The events of September 20

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

There are no statements from the official authorities concerning the actual numbers of those who were arrested, referred to the public prosecution, and released under the events which were known as the 20th of September demonstrations.

In this report, we relied on an approximate counting of the collected information from the testimonies of people, lawyers and what was published on social media until yesterday, the 24th of September.

Until yesterday, the 24th of September, 310 cases of arrest due to the events of September 20, 2020 were documented and monitored in a number of governorates.

It is noteworthy that statistics in this report doesn’t represent the total number of those who were referred to the public prosecution because there are many cases in which we are unable to document and record.

We monitored 310 cases of arrest till now, including 301 persons who were brought before the Supreme State Security Prosecution, and 9 persons were referred to the public prosecution.

307 of the arrested are males

while 3 are females

Age categories of those who were arrested:




18- 30








Over 60


The age persons is not specified

Not less than







As they signed the investigation report by using fingerprint not signature due to their ignorance of writing and reading

are daily labourers who haven’t a fixed salary

are from countryside and slums of some cities


The governorate of Giza was the most monitored governorate concerning those who were arrested and then referred to the State Security Prosecution with a number of 97 persons. Then it is followed by other governorates:

  • Cairo                                    80
  • Aswan                                  36
  • Menia                                    31
  • Alexandria                             23
  • Sharqia                                  19
  • Other various governorates    24

The basic charges for all the accused are:

Joining a terrorist group, spreading false news and statements, and misusing social media. These are the common charges against all defendants, and there are other defendants who were accused of other charges,in addition to the basic charges, such as: public gathering or participating in a gathering, infringement, assault or destruction.

The Prosecution issued a decision to imprison all who were referred to, for 15 days pending investigations in case no.880 of 2020 by the Supreme State Security. And as for children, they will be brought before the prosecution in September 26, 2020, and the majority of them are Security Concentration camps, Police Stations and the Transfer Stations, until transferring them to prisons.

Some of the arrested said that the Security Concentration Camps have hundreds of prisoners, and they have not yet been brought before the Prosecution.

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

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