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مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

The Democratic Transition and Human Rights Support Center (DAAM) is following with great annoyance the news circulated about an Egyptian lawyer who lived in Tunisia about charges related to sexual assaults on women. DAAM centre introduces the following clarifications:

  • First, The aforementioned person joined DAAM center following the "Visiting Fellow" program, through a fellowship program of one of the international organizations partnering with the center. The aforementioned fellowship period at the center was during the period December 1, 2017 until June 30 2018.
  • Second, the relationship of the center with the aforementioned person has ended since the defendant left the republic of Tunisia several months ago, and as a matter of principle and legal responsibility, the center will investigate the facts attributed to him through an independent, impartial committee that is from outside the center and from the Tunisian feminist figures of recognized competence impartiality. DAAM center indicates that it had contacted the defendant, and asked him to change his professional position on the social networking site Facebook when we noticed that he was still referring to his work at the center, and he did so immediately. He also requested and expressed his readiness to deal with a neutral commission of inquiry.
  • Third, DAAM center emphasizes its consistent position on sexual assault cases that the center condemns, especially towards women, and the center as an entity and individuals condemns these crimes in the strongest terms, as they are the opposite of all the values ​​on which the center is based and that all individuals working in it believe in.
  • Fourth, DAAM center deals with all seriousness, responsibility and diligence with such serious accusations, wherever they occur and the center's ideology always tends to give the highest priority to support and redress of the victims/survivors of such crimes.

DAAM center also declares that it encourages all victims/survivors of sexual assaults to apply to the relevant authorities to investigate the facts, and the center confirms its complete readiness to cooperate in any investigations, whether from human rights or legal committees that will provide justice to the victims/survivors, and that the center will not fail to provide any information that may be useful to the investigating bodies to reveal the truth and to reach fair and equitable outcomes.

Finally, the center is currently working on ending a set of internal policies of the center, including policies dealing with issues of harassment and sexual assault, and it will publish them to the public in a period not to exceed the month of October of 2020.

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: العربية (Arabic)

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