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daam center



A Sub-regional independent non-governmental organization founded in 2015 that aims to create favorable climate to the progress of the democratic structure based on the principles of the human rights in its integrations and comprehensiveness.

• DAAM seeks to support and promote paths and institutions of participatory democracy based on civilization, equality and sustainable development ground via capacity development and supporting efforts designed to reform policies and legislation.

• This would help fitting the principles of democracy based on human rights and contributing of knowledge production about the reality and the paths of democratic transition in the related countries.

• DAAM) works in cooperation with relevant stakeholders from the civil society organizations and bodies locally, regionally, and internationally, including governmental bodies, political forces and civil society activists.


Democratic Transition and Human Rights Support Center (DAAM) aims to promote the building of the democratic societies paths based on human rights, in partnership and cooperation with relevant stake holders and in theforefront the civil society organizations, through three main objectives:

Strengthening and building the capacities of the actors in the democratic transition paths.

Contribute in producing and making available the relevant knowledge to the democratic transition.

Contributing in creating political, culture, and legislative climate in favor of / supporting democracy and adapted to the human rights standards (norms)


In order to achieve its objectives, (DAAM) will work through three interrelated programs, which are:

The aim of this program is to provide substantive and technical support for civil society organizations to assist in the integration of the human rights values and citizenship for the actors in the paths of the democratic transition and in the forefront the non-governmental organizations, political parties , trade unions and youth initiatives.

This program works on the domestic legislations system reform to make them suitable to the international human rights standards, as well as reviewing and proposing relevant human rights policies, and working with partners to concretize them.

The program is designed for conducting studies and researches about the reality and democratic transition processes in the related countries, as well as the process of monitoring and documentation and providing knowledge resources in digital image.

مُتاح أيضًا بـ: arالعربية (Arabic)