Mohamed Omran

The Executive Director 

Mohamed Omran is an Egyptian civil society and human rights activist and leader, he worked for several prestigious Egyptian, and international organizations like Egyptian Association for community participation enhancement (EACPE), Association for freedom of thought and expression (AFTE) and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (FNF). Mr. Omran became Regional Program Coordinator for Frederich Nauman Foundation for liberty (FNF), and he assumed different positions in the organizations and he worked basically on MENA region, he even worked in Libya during the revolution and before the liberation of Tripoli. Read More

Atef El Faleh

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer 

Currently Atef El Faleh is the chief financial and administrative officer for Democratic Transition and and Human Rights Support Center (DAAM). He is in charge of accounting, preparing financial reports, and administrative affairs. Atef has a considerable experience in accounting and management and he worked for different corporations and associations. Besides, Atef is a civil society activist, he is a member of  several civil associations such as Tunisian league for citizenship, Tunisian Human Rights League and Tunisian Reconciliation and  Arbitration Center.

Ghalleb Salem

Coordinator (Tunisia-Libya)

Salem Ghalleb is an English major, a civil society activist and leader and a national martial art champion. Salem managed to strike the balance between his academic commitment, his martial arts training, and his work with local and international organizations. He has various experience in the field of human rights, democratic transition, election monitoring, integrity, and counter terrorism. Read More

Mahmoud mazni


Mahmoud Mazni got a degree in public law from the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences in Tunis and a Master degree in International and Comparative Law from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He is a civil society activist. He has experience in many fields, including election monitoring, democratic transition, international public law and constitutional law. He is currently a researcher at the Center for the Support of Democratic Transformation and Human Rights.

Nisaf Brahmi


Nisaf Brahmi has a masters degree and she continues her doctoral thesis in political science,She has many researches and studies and she is specialized in democratic transition, political violence and extremist groups.

Hassan Kadnou


Hassasn Kadnou is a Libyan activist and a university student at the Faculty of Economics – Accounting Department. On the practical level, Hassan is the Vice President of “Arban Organization for Civil Orientation”, Youth and Human_Rights Officer at the Toubou Congress, and the Youth and Civil Society Officer at the Toubou National Gathering as well as his job as an employee at the ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation. Hassan also has a set of different experiences as a director of administrative and financial affairs of” Arban Magazine” and Financial and Administrative Coordinator at the “Shabu Association for Culture and Heritage” and a Public Relations Coordinator of “Al-Kalam Association” as well as other positions within other organizations.

Sarrah Elmagassbi

Logistics and Administrative  Coordinator
 Sarrah Elmagassbi is currently working as Logistics and Administrative Coordinator, she  has experiences working as a teacher and translator. she has a bachelor’s degree in English literature.

Meriem Rajichi

Communications Officer

Meriem rajichi is currently working as   in DAAM for democratic transition and human rights support center as communications officer , She has a Masters degree in Multimedia and Web Services at the Higher Institute of Technology and Communication at Hammam Sousse. Meriem spends years working in different fields especially in web developpement and graphic design.